Monday, January 27, 2014

The Route & Map

Start your planning for the Fat Pursuit with the info below!

Jay and Tracey are off the start line of the Arrowhead 135 today, check out the live action!

The Route!

Start - FS Ranger Station

Chick Creek Trail > Black Canyon Trail >Chick Creek Flat Trail (*at this intersection (Chick Creek Flat and Chick Creek) is where the 60 and 200 differ. )
The 60 will backtrack to FS Ranger (basically turning right to the Finish).

The 200k doubles back on Chick Creek.
Then:Black Canyon Loop (turning right)>South Plateau Trail*Checkpoint West Yellowstone
Two Top Loop>RailRoad Trail>Meadow Creek Trail>Cross Hwy turn immediately Left
*Checkpoint Man Cave 
Stamp Meadow>Shotgun Trail>Ponds Trail

Finish - The Ponds!


  1. Looks great! Will you have a GPX track for download? I see your reference to a waypoint on a track. Thanks!
    Jeff Tomassetti, Fernandina Beach, Florida

  2. Send your email address Jeff and I will send you the file. Fitzy

  3. Sorry I maybe doing something wrong but I can't seem to zoom in on the map enough to read it. Can you send over a link that I can zoom in on? Thanks and good luck with your preparations.

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