Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2015 Registration is live!

All year I been looking forward to hosting the 2nd Annual JayP's Backyard Fat Pursuit and today registration has gone live.


Building on the success of last years event we will keep the format and distances the same. For the 200K folks 'JayP's Facts of Winter Life' special test may change or maybe another will be added. Last year it was boiling water, trail side, in real conditions.

I assume we have done something right as I have been receiving phone calls and emails from all over asking me about this years race (there is always someone that manages to know that registration is open before it is even official so I would like to thank Mark Seaburg for registering as I was writing this post). The buzz is abundant and this is exciting so if you don't want to miss out please register sooner then later.

This could not go on without you and the generous sponsors of the event which is something I am thankful for. Once again Salsa has stepped up to be the Title sponsor which means cash prize and plenty of schwag. I will continue to update as I hear from the others.


Thursday, February 27, 2014


At a glance...

Friday, February 28
Registration / Gear Check - 200k and 60k 11 am - 5 pm and 8 pm - 10 pm
Dinner Feed (provided to 200k, restaurant food available for others)  6 pm
Racer Meeting - 200k and 60k 7 pm

Saturday, March 1Breakfast (for sign ups only) 5:30
200k start 7am
Registration / Gear Check - 60k  7:15 am - 8 am
60k Racer Meeting 8:15am
60k start 9am
Awards for 60k 4pm

Sunday, March 2
Celebration Toast to the 200k riders ALL WELCOME - Noon

We encourage you to stick around and enjoy the atmosphere! Cheer on your fellow rider and lets watch these 200k riders who are going to come back different people!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Arrived at the Pond's

We just got up to Island Park and settled in to some pizza and beer at the Pond's Lodge.  Looking forward to seeing everyone arrive tomorrow!

Thanks again for all our sponsors who have made it happen!  Without you it wouldn't be possible!

Now hurry up and get up here - conditions are going to be great!

Schultz Law Firm, LLC
 Kate's Real Food Princeton Tech Lights
Jay Petervary
 Wanderlust Bikepacking Gear

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As we get ready to head to Island Park this weekend we want to give some 'thanks' in advance to our generous supporters.  Wanderlust bike packing gear is throwing in over $400 of gift certificates to be used on any of their handmade gear.  Thanks Paul!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Less then 2 Weeks till Go!

I hope all your preps been going well! 

Speaking of prep lets talk a little about being prepared and highlight a few other things of importance.

To say the least the weather has been very odd lately. The only thing consistent is its inconsistency. We recently received a fair amount of snow, not our dry power snow we love to ski, but heavier, wet snow. This is actually a good thing for a fat biker when it gets packed and it freezes. Even though right now it is barely freezing during the day the week prior it was 20 below.

Yesterday, T-race and I spent the day scoping and lining out logistics. It rained, it sleeted, it snowed, and was blowing heavily. Seen lots of dark clouds and even a blue sky with sun, although a ground blizzard was happening. This all happened on course somewhere and was constantly changing.

60k riders will be in the foot hills off the picture to the right. 200k riders you will ride on top of that snow ridge.
Since the course goes through several micro climates I would not make a starting line decision ditching that certain jacket cause the weather influenced you that way. Even you 60k folks can have a change in weather as you get closer and higher up in the hills.

Nobody can predict the weather but we can all be prepared for it. You know the saying 'no bad weather, just bad clothing'.

You will be happy to know that JayP worked his charm to the Snow Machine Grooming Committee to have the trails groomed for the event - both nights that is! With that being said - When approaching or being approached by a trail groomer you must step off to the side of the trail. The groomers are big Piston Bully machines and these guys work from about 5pm till 1am. Give them great respect, a thumbs up, and let them know your OK. It may be soft at first but you will be stoked in an hour after it sets up!

Please keep in mind this is the First year of the event and we are still educating the communities and the other trail users of our existence. By participating in the Fat Pursuit you are representing me, my team, sponsors and all other fat bikers - make a positive impact and represent us respectfully, PLEASE. We will be doing this again and it will only get easier with more support in time.

For the 200k folks. 'JayP's Facts of Winter Life' special test will be bringing 8 oz of water to a boil. As a nice guy I gave you what it is but I am not going to tell you where. Again, be prepared.

A note on parking. NO PARKING ALLOWED AT THE FOREST SERVICE BUILDING. This is the start / finish of the 60k and start of the 200k. You can park at the Ponds Lodge as well as the snow machine parking area which is directly across the street from the FS building. When parking in any snow machine parking lot be mindful of the trailers that need to maneuver in and out. This is general etiquette we like to educate on.

Thank you all for being part of the 1st Annual JayP's Backyard Fat Pursuit.

See you soon!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Route & Map

Start your planning for the Fat Pursuit with the info below!

Jay and Tracey are off the start line of the Arrowhead 135 today, check out the live action!

The Route!

Start - FS Ranger Station

Chick Creek Trail > Black Canyon Trail >Chick Creek Flat Trail (*at this intersection (Chick Creek Flat and Chick Creek) is where the 60 and 200 differ. )
The 60 will backtrack to FS Ranger (basically turning right to the Finish).

The 200k doubles back on Chick Creek.
Then:Black Canyon Loop (turning right)>South Plateau Trail*Checkpoint West Yellowstone
Two Top Loop>RailRoad Trail>Meadow Creek Trail>Cross Hwy turn immediately Left
*Checkpoint Man Cave 
Stamp Meadow>Shotgun Trail>Ponds Trail

Finish - The Ponds!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

News 1/15/14

Greetings from Idaho. The 1st Annual Fat Pursuit planning has been going well. I personally am very happy with the way things are coming together and very excited to launch this event. The community, volunteers, and sponsorship partners are equally excited to see this event take place and the future it holds.

There will be a bunch of business to be highlighted to the entrant between now and March 1st  that will continue to be updated within the site. Lots of inquires and back-n-fourth emails has many people on the fence about committing to register.  I have to say, the worst thing for an event promoter is the last minute entries.  Hopefully we can help get some of you off the fence and registered!

Remember, we all love riding Fat Bikes in "perfect" conditions.  But the reality is, we can not offer this event and guarantee a clear sky, freshly groomed, 20 degree day.  So what?  This event is about having fun, meeting and riding with great people, and helping to advance Fat Bike Access.  Help us help you to grow Fat Biking by committing to the event.. regardless of weather!

Awards / Prizes -

200k riders:
- Cash pay out. 1st $500, $250 2nd, and $125 3rd. Really, cash? Yes.
- Qualifier for the 2015 Iditarod Trail Invitational. This is a holding spot for each 1st woman and man if you choose to register. Really, isn't that race hard to get into? Yes, unless you done it before.
- Beautiful hand made artists Trophies from Lee Kinder. Really, art work? Yes, really, by a very talented man that might just hand deliver it to you.

60k riders:
- The same but different beautiful trophies of the 200k.

There are also prizes from Salsa, 45NRTH, Princeton Tech, Wanderlust Bikepacking Gear, and others still trickling in. Wait, Tate Labs of Bar Fly mounts just chimed in and lets not forget about "The Will" from Schultz Law Firm.

Basically prizes for everyone and we will weight them accordingly and end up with a raffle of sorts.

Sneak peak idea of what the Trophies might look like.

200k vs 60k - 

I have been fielding lots of nervous questions from folks who know and can do the 60k but curious of the 200k.  Obviously my heart is in long distance racing.  But when we were building this event, the 60k was created to help attract newbie winter riders, family folks who can not break away for the 200, or someone who's partner is doing the 200k. The 60k was also meant as a stepping stone for people to get there toes wet for the 200k next year.

But, there are also plenty of riders who I know can handle the 200 but are too concerned about weather to commit.  Let me see if I can paint a more confident picture to entice the 200k rider.
- As a 200k rider you are not heading into the great abyss with no safety. The reality is this is a trail network system and you can't get lost. You might make a wrong turn but that would even be hard. The map and trail signage system work well together if you have basic map reading skills.
- We will have snow machines available at the 3 checkpoints to check in on racers if need be. And even break trail if necessary (but probably not :)).
- It is mandatory for 200k racers to carry a SPOT device, ultimately giving us, your followers and loved ones a way to follow you "live", on-line, from a warm cozy seat while you are working your ass off.
- The Checkpoints will have what you need ie. snacks, food, Kate' Bars (my favorite), drinks and be warm. West Yellowstone is approximately half way and we will transport a drop bag that you supply us with if you so choose.
- Nobody said you had to ride this thing straight through with no sleep either to complete it. West Yellowstone would be great spot to take a nap (or spend the night in a warm cozy cabin) and do this route in 2 days basically. Although you will need to be out by cut-off time.
- The satisfaction of finishing either distance will feel good.  But when you complete an event distance of 200k many things will take place and happen over that time. You will learn so much about yourself, your equipment, and others. And when its all over and you digest what you have just done looking back wishing it wasn't over in a weird way.  This is priceless!

As a competitive racer myself I have been building this event and will continue to do so considering every type of person in my mind. Weather you are a trail breaking leader or the "I don't care I love the scenery from the back".  The "I can spend money on everything, to the "well I can come but need to sleep in my car". I am thinking of all you!  I personally fall into the trail breaking sleeping in the car type. ;)

Regardless of what you do, come join the fun of the 1st Annual JayPs Backyard Fat Pursuit. Did I forget to tell you we like to have a good time, goof off, and party, you will experience that too!